Truly sexy lingerie trends and tips for this year

Sexy lingerie is a true symbol of femininity, the border between basic and complex, an instrument of seduction song; hot underwear is one of the guilty pleasures of women. From practice models to small passionate fetishes, naughty and exotic linen is the way in which women are conquering men.

The trends of 2014 in terms of hot underwear state that women need to pay special attention to items of underwear because they are part of the personality of a lady or ladies that respect. Women select carefully their sexy underwear, with a lot of patience because these outfits are what make the difference between a Mrs. or Miss. When she is buying sexy underwear the attention she gives to this item is almost the same with the attention gave by the man who’s undress her. The 2014 Year brings in a great manner the retro underwear; this lingerie comes very much in support of ladies with shapes, accentuating highly their generous shapes, waist and thighs.

The word for 2014 year regarding sexy lingerie is Generous, because ladies know how can capitalizes on their forms!
In terms of color in the year to come underwear must be already classic in colors of beige, red, black as well as pastels of pink, turquoise and even strong shades like orange, purple or coral should not be neglected.


This year in top of women’s naughty and exotic lingerie is bright colors.

Although the impact of intense hues begins to fade in the fashion, they remain a trend benchmark for women's lingerie. Women should choose colors that will highlight their skin tone. And, as summer is approaches, invests in a yellow lingerie set that highlight the tanned skin.

Also all nude underwear it wears this year! Another strong trend emerged on the prĂȘt-a- porter catwalk, the nude lingerie for women is a true investment: she can opt for seductive models, if she’s planning scenarios boudoir, or with comfortable designs, loose materials. Nude shades will allow women to wear them with white pieces, trendy in this spring.

The spectacular retro lingerie is one of the top positions in 2014 trends regarding sexy lingerie.


Retro trend lines retake sites. It carries lingerie inspired by the '50s high-waist boxers, garters, bra strapless band, and the whole arsenal of Moulin Rouge inspiration, reminiscent of pin-up heyday.

With animal print lingerie any woman can hit straight into the man’s ego.

Animal print is already a classic factionist’s wardrobe and challenging his side is an inspiration for underwear. A merger between passionate and ferocious, animal prints lingerie is a must-have in erotic lingerie, whose main attribute is the ability to seduce.
New trendy lingerie is this year the underwear modeling style.

To figure that shows the various imperfections, shaping underwear is the best investment. The main tricks that consist operated by lifting the breasts and the buttocks, hip circumference and flattened to reduce the abdominal region.

Modeling women’s clothes can be worn under tight-fitting clothing.

Even the seamless underwear is among the 2014 trends. For the mentioned problem with molded clothes, seamless underwear solves unsightly lines that create seams and reinforcements if allowed cuts to tapered body. Such a set of women’s underwear should not miss from women’s underwear collection of basic intimate parts.

The hot lingerie models with special design are one of the trends which never disappear.

Some sets of underwear are specially designed for the clothes whose design has some features: dresses and V-neck tops, sport tops or cutouts in the shoulders, backless clothing. When women’s bust needs support, but the cutting clothes do not allow wearing normal underwear for women, models with special design resort to be practical and useful options.

One of the newest trends this year is lace bras.

The lace lingerie is definitely a new entry. Because this material is taking fashion prĂȘt-a - porter, famous brands promote in an excessive way the lace underwear. Without bras sponge, which leaves the breast shape to be outlined in full, can be classified as a true fetish for this spring.

The question is: “how longer women will wear thong underwear?”

Although boxers and briefs underwear type, high waist, enjoying a remarkable popularity this season, thong model remains trends. Underwear is, moreover, a personal and individual woman choice. One thing that should be mentioned, however, is that no longer wear the tiny thong variants.

Even if there are women which aren’t fan of trend curves and their style is predominantly fashion conservative, the fashion underwear is a sector that causes women imagination in every season. Current trends aimed to be both seductive and practical models, being a great choice for every outfit in women’s wardrobe.

Underwear is known from ancient times as one of the most important weapons of seduction. But also heels are part of the arsenal. The higher they are, the more seductive women will be. The results will “crush” the men’s heart and pants.

Even that is too early to think about the outfit that will wear in the last night of the year, any woman should not forget about the very one important detail: the choice of underwear.


Tradition says that if women want to have a lucky year, have to wear red underwear on the last night of the year. On the other hand, the fashion houses recommends for the 2014 end of the year, sophisticated or even black linens.

Proposes are to wear the same brand, this season, with the girdle underwear, who returned in trends.

It's women’s choice if they will prefer the traditional red underwear that promises a good year or prefer trendy underwear. Of course, the choice must be in harmony with the whole outfit. In any case women cannot wear slightly transparent dress with red or black lingerie. In these cases, the most appropriate shades are nude.

Is important that women to realize that wearing naughty and exotic lingerie they will become more attractive. And will impress, but also they will consolidate their self esteem and self respect.


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